Tractor/Trailer Wash
Engine Wash
Washouts—van and hopper washouts
Axle and Frame Degreasing
Tire Shine
Wax & Storm Shield
Free Self-Serve Vacuum

Oil Change

Brands we carry:

Mystik, Rotella, Delo, Delvac

Oil changes starting at $199.99

  • Includes up to 11 gallons, $20.00 per additional gallon
  • Includes up to 6 standard filters (3 Diesel and 3 Oil)

Extra filters available at additional charge

Also available at additional charge:

Lucas oil additive, CAT Filters. All brand oil available by the jug.

Lube & More

Transmission & Differential Changes
Anti-Freeze (drain and replace), Synthetic Oil

Tire Shop

Featuring Hunter ForceMatch™

Flat Repair